Brown bin collection days to change in Blackburn & Darwen

Most of the approx 27 500 households on garden waste (brown bin) collection are due to change their collection day/dates, at the end of February (changeover date is 25 February).

All households changing their day will be noticed by letter, to be delivered between Sat 12 Feb and Sun 20 Feb.

There will be some households who will ‘miss’ a collection (because they move from an A week to a B week, for instance). However, garden waste tonnages are low at present of course because of the time of year, so the Council does not anticipate that this will cause a difficulty.

One thought on “Brown bin collection days to change in Blackburn & Darwen

  1. Mrs Ann Croak says:

    Why do I not qualify for a brown bin the houses on other side of street have one. I have a garden back and front with two lawns at the back

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