Lib Dems unveil road safety campaign

Blackburn with Darwen Liberal Democrats have started a campaign to have a 20 mph speed limit for all the Borough’s residential roads.
Announcing the campaign, Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr. David Foster said, “We have a higher than average accident rate in the Borough and studies suggest that the introduction of a 20 mph limit would reduce accidents by 20% – 30%. 20 mph speed limits are not new and we do have some areas in the Borough which have a 20 mph limit. One of the drawbacks in the past has been the introduction of road humps in 20 mph areas. This has made it expensive and unpopular with some people. Regulations have now changed and road humps are not required. We don’t expect to whole of the Borough to have the limit overnight, but we want a commitment from the Council to have a rolling programme to see them introduced eventually across the whole Borough. We would expect them to target high accident areas initially. The limit would not apply to all our roads i.e. main through routes but would only apply to residential roads.”

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