Great win by AFC Darwen last night

I was there to watch AFC Darwen mount a great comeback at the WEC Anchor Ground last night.  They were 1-0 down after being largely outplayed in the first half and it could have been worse but for some great saves by the Darwen goalkeeper.  In the second half Darwen were a different side and scored 4 goals  within about 15 minutes.  Great result.  Let’s get more people down there for their next home game on 7 Sept.

One thought on “Great win by AFC Darwen last night

  1. Open says:

    was over the moon’ when I saw the back of the net billowing, you coldun’t have written such a script, in many ways it was better than a 3 point win because of the banter between opposing fans that had gone on it was all tongue in cheek by most but I must have screamed YES YES YES ‘ about 10 YESes with the bewildered Burnley fans looking on despondent

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