Council bungles road repairs – £0.5 million not spent

Can you beieve it. Our Labour run Council compalins at every opportunity that they don’t have enoughh money but now we find they can’t spend the money they do have. They put an extra £1 million into road repairs in July last year in a big blaze of publicity and now we find they have only spent half of it. We have lots of roads in Whitehall that need repairing. Hidden in a report to the Council’s Executive Board we find that they will not now be spending this money until next year, but waht confidence have we got that they can do that!

What’s on today

Today we have the visit of Prince Edward to officially open the new YouthZone in Blackburn Town Centre. I will be there for the opening. This was the brainchild of the previous administration when we shared control of the Council with the Conservatives. See what they have to offer here

Winter snows hit Darwen

The first serious snowfalls of the winter hit Darwen this afternoon. Drove down to the Library Theatre this evening for the Mayor’s Command Performance, but because of the bad weather it was posponed. On the way back up Bolton Rd cars were sliding. This weather brings out the best and worst of people. Some car drivers were impatient and dangerously overtaking or overtaking on the inside. It was good to see a small group of youngsters who were out in the snow helping to push slipping cars to get them up the hill. Well done lads !

Up at the Tower

I was up at Darwen Tower in sub zero temperatures to watch our two Lib Dem Mayors, Cllr Karimeh Foster (Blackburn with Darwen) and Paul Browne (Darwen Town Mayor) open the newly installed dome on top of Darwen Tower. The old one was blown down in gales in 2010 and thanks to WEC Engineering, a local Darwen company a new was installed last month.
A crowd of approx 30 people braved the cold to watch the opening and take in the magnificent views from the Tower.

Working to improve Bull Hill drainage

I was up at Bull Hill watching work being done to improve the drainage at Bull Hill. This is a result of our campaign to solve the problem of water draining across the A666 at Bull Hill and causing some flooding and also a dangerous road when it freezes. The Council are doing some short term work to improve the drainage and then looking longer term at diverting the water before it reaches the A666.

Bryan Thompson

I attended the funeral of Bryan Thompson today.  I have known Bryan for a number of years through his work in the British Legion.  He served the Legion well and we enjoyed many good social events through the Legion with Bryan.  He was a stalwart of the Darwen branch and helped with the Remembrance Day Services and the annual Poppy Appeal.

It was good to see St. Luke’s Church so full and showed how well respected Bryan was.

Jack Fairless

I attended the funeral of Jack Fairless on Monday.  He was a Labour Councillor in Blackburn for many years and I served him on a number of committees.  Jack was passionate about education, having had a career in teaching and teacher education and was also Chair of governors at Witton Park High School, where I started my teaching career.

Jack was one of nature’s gentlemen and he will be sadly missed.  It was good to see such a good attendance at hi funeral.